How to choose Rinenna detergent | Choose laundry detergent by stain and purpose

Linenna detergent comes in three types: #1, #2, and #ZERO, as well as a laundry tub cleaner.
How to choose Rinenna detergent, 4 types of products
Each type has different types of stains, types of fabrics and fibers that can be used, and uses, so please use this as a reference when looking for a linen detergent.

Rinenna#1 and Rinenna#2

Both #1 and #2 are laundry detergents made with a focus on "dirt that comes from the body."
Rinenna #1 , the origin of laundry detergent Rinenna, was developed to remove poop stains from baby cloth diapers without the hassle of rubbing or scrubbing.
Later, it was discovered that there were many concerns about adult stains , such as dark stains on Y-shirts and age-related odor, so Rinenna #2 was created for adult clothing.
Both #1 and #2 are carefully selected and blended with cleaning ingredients to thoroughly remove stains and odor-causing substances from clothing .
Maximize its effectiveness by soaking it in hot water .
Rinenna #1 Rinenna #2

Note! alkaline laundry detergent

#1 and #2 are alkaline laundry detergents because they are designed to remove dirt.
By adjusting the alkalinity, it dissolves protein stains and achieves high cleaning power.
However, please be aware that some fibers are sensitive to alkalinity .
Because it dissolves proteins, it cannot be used on clothing made from animal fibers such as wool, silk, and cashmere.
How to choose Rinenna detergent, precautions for alkaline laundry detergents

Difference between Rinenna #1 and Rinenna #2 ①: Fragrance

There is no difference in cleaning power between Rinenna #1 and #2, but there are two major differences in their characteristics.
One of them is the difference in scent .
#1 is designed to be used on clothing for a wide range of age groups, from babies to adults, and has a refreshing mandarin citrus scent.
On the other hand, #2 is a laundry detergent developed for adult clothing such as Y-shirts, so it has a white musk scent with a mature and clean feel.
Another feature of laundry detergent Linenna is that the fragrance ingredients are adjusted so that it does not leave a strong scent on clothes .
Difference and scent between Rinenna #1 and Rinenna #2

Difference between Rinenna #1 and Rinenna #2 ②: Contains fluorescent agent or not

The second difference is regarding the fluorescent agent combination.
Rinenna #2 for adult clothing contains a fluorescent agent that uses the power of ultraviolet rays to make white colors look whiter (bluish-white) . Rinenna #2 is recommended for clothing that you want to make look white, such as Y-shirts, white exercise clothes, and sneakers.
On the other hand , Rinenna #1 does not contain fluorescent agent . We recommend using Rinenna #1 for baby clothes with light colors or clothes with ecru colors.
Differences between Rinenna #1 and Rinenna #2, presence or absence of fluorescent agent

About fluorescent agents

Fluorescent agents convert ultraviolet rays into a bluish-white visible color, making white objects appear brighter. There is no change in visible color indoors where UV rays do not reach.
Additionally, in the case of colored patterned clothing, exposure to UV rays may cause the color to appear faded or the texture of the ecru to be lost.
Fluorescent agents are ingredients that tend to have long-lasting effects. If your clothes have already been used with another company's laundry detergent containing a fluorescent agent, the fluorescent agent may remain on the clothing.


A stain remover that focuses on makeup stains that are accidentally left on clothes when putting them on and taking them off.
This is a pre-treatment agent that contains ultra-high concentrations of cleaning ingredients that act on the oil in makeup stains, making it easier to break down stains when used before washing.
Because the ingredients are designed to be neutral, it can also be used on clothing made from animal fibers such as wool, silk, and cashmere.
How to choose Rinenna detergent_RINENNA Pro #ZERO

To use #ZERO effectively

If you leave the dirt unattended, the fabric and dirt may change in quality, so we recommend that you treat it with #ZERO as soon as it gets dirty.
If you wash it with water before applying #ZERO, it will not be effective. In addition, #ZERO may not be effective on stains that have already been washed, as they may have lost the oil that #ZERO works on and have turned into pigmented stains.
RINENNA Pro 0 #ZERO 100g

Washing tub cleaner Rinenna#3 TUB CLEANER

Many people are worried about the unpleasant smell coming from their washed clothes .
Even in washing machines that are used every day, mold can quickly grow on the back side of the washing tub, where moisture tends to accumulate.
If you start to notice the smell of half-dried clothes, you've already received a red card. Before changing the laundry detergent, first take care of the washing tub.
Even with careful care, moisture and soap scum inevitably accumulate in these areas, so we recommend using a laundry tub cleaner once a month.
How to choose Rinenna detergent_Washing tub cleaner Rinenna#3 TUB CLEANER

Before using Rinenna #1 and #2 for the first time

For washing machines that have never used Linenna laundry detergent, we strongly recommend that you first clean the washing machine with #3.
If you use #1 or #2 in a washing machine that has mold growing on it, the cleaning ingredients will remove the mold and bacteria from the back of the washing tub, which may cause mold stains to adhere to your clothes.
Washing tub cleaner Rinenna#3

What kind of dirt do you want to remove?

How to choose Rinenna detergent What kind of stains do you want to remove?

Want to remove dirt from your body | Sweat stains, blood (nosebleeds/menstrual blood), poop, yellowing, darkening, milk stains

To remove dirt from the body , which Rinenna is best at, use a cleaning solution containing Rinenna #1 at approximately 40℃.
After soaking, put the cleaning solution into the washing machine and run the washing machine as usual.
It can be safely used on baby clothes and colored patterned items.

Rinenna #1

Rinenna #1

I want to remove the odor (age odor, armpit sweat odor) and collar and sleeve stains from Y-shirts.

Dirt and odors can be easily removed with Rinenna #1, but if you are looking for a cleaner finish on things like Y-shirts and pillowcases, we recommend Rinenna #2, which has the effect of making whites stand out.

Rinenna #2 White Musk, a detergent that removes aging/stinky odors

Rinenna #2

Want to remove makeup stains | Foundation, lipstick, sunscreen

Use #ZERO to remove makeup stains and clean makeup products.
Apply ZERO directly to the stain, place it in a laundry bag, and then wash it in the washing machine as usual.

RINENNA Pro 0 #ZERO・100g

RINENNA Pro 0 #ZERO 100g

For some reason it smells even though it's freshly washed.

If you notice an unpleasant odor coming from your freshly washed clothes or from inside your washing machine, it's a sign that bacteria and mold are growing behind the washer.
Before washing with Linenna laundry detergent, first clean the washing tub with #3 TUB CLEANER.

Washing tub cleaner Rinenna#3 TUB CLEANER

Washing tub cleaner Rinenna#3

Want to remove spilled food and drinks|meat sauce, soy sauce, curry, wine, etc.

For pigment stains with low oil content, we recommend soaking and washing with Rinenna #1 or #2.
If the clothes are heavily soiled, soak the clothes in a cleaning solution containing Rinenna detergent in hot water of about 40℃ for about 3 minutes, then lightly dehydrate them, then soak them in fresh Rinenna detergent again for about an hour.

Special price Rinenna #1 / #2 set

SET of Rinenna#1 and Rinenna#2

Want to remove oil stains | Bicycle oil/edible oil (butter, olive oil, sesame oil, etc.)

#ZERO is recommended for spot stains derived from oil. As soon as it gets dirty, apply #ZERO thoroughly on the stain and then wash it in the washing machine as usual.
If it doesn't go away in one try, repeat the process.

RINENNA Pro 0 #ZERO・100g

RINENNA Pro 0 #ZERO 100g

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