Media coverage [VERY] Detergent that removes aging odor Rinenna #2 / Deodorant spray Rinenna #3

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Nito was featured in the magazine VERY, which was released today.

Recommended by writer Shizuna Takahashi

"Leave it on and put it in the washing machine to get rid of milk stains and yellowing!"

Shizuna Takahashi is a cool working mom who is the mother of one son and two daughters and also works as an editor for VERY. It is introduced as a recommended item from a practical point of view that only practical mothers can use.

Rinenna #2 cleans kids' clothes without having to massage them, so it saves time on housework and prevents hands from getting rough. And the scent of White Musk has a refreshing effect. Organic deodorant spray Rinenna #3 is made from 100% plants. Contains 100% plant ingredients, so it's safe and secure even if it gets into your eyes or mouth.

It is gentle on pets, babies, and children, yet has an excellent deodorizing effect. Recommended for fabrics such as sofas and rugs that are difficult to wash. It has a forest scent, so when you put it in your room, it will refresh you and make you feel as if you are taking a forest bath.

The Rinenna series comes in a monochrome package that can be used as interior decoration to add a stylish touch to your room. Highly recommended for working moms like Shizuna Takahashi who want to enjoy raising children, being fashionable, and working.

It's featured in VERY, which is released today, so be sure to check it out!

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▼A detergent that removes aging odors /A detergent that removes unpleasant odors Rinenna#2 WhiteMusk

VERY published

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・VERY web VERY writer Shizuna Takahashi's blog introduces rinenna as a favorite item.