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Rinenna #1 was selected for magazine LEE's Happy Housekeeping Award 2019!

Rinenna #1 was featured in the latest issue of LEE, a magazine that covers a wide range of lifestyle topics, including fashion, beauty, interior design, and cooking.

Rinenna #1 was selected for magazine LEE's Happy Housework Award 2019

Rinenna #1 was selected for LEE's popular content "Every day will be easier! It will be more fun! LEE Happy Housework Award 2019". Detergent featured in LEE

Rinenna #1 is extremely popular among the child-rearing generation.

Reasons why Rinenna #1 is supported by mothers' generation &

Washing your child's food spills and mud stains is a daily occurrence. Isn't there a lot of people who still massage their hair even though it doesn't come off in the washing machine? Rinenna #1 was born from the idea that ``It's a waste of time to wash clothes.But I also want to take care of my clothes.''

Reduce time spent doing housework and make it your own time

Housewives and mothers really don't have much time.

Turn the time you spend washing your hands into a relaxing time. Detergent featured in LEE Please feel free to try it out.