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Rinenna was featured in this month's VERYweb!

Rinenna was introduced as a favorite item on the blog of Shizuna Takahashi, a VERY writer who is also popular for casual wear projects. ``Rinena was a big hit in the summer because it removes dirt and stains from the collar area just by leaving it on, without having to massage it.

It removes all the smells and dirt! Since I started using this, white things have become whiter and it feels great! ” Rinenna is also a favorite of VERY writers who come into contact with good things every day. Odor, yellowing, and dark spots are caused by proteins produced by the body. Even if you remove sebum stains, if you don't remove protein stains, it will cause dark spots and yellowing. Become.

Rinenna #2 focuses on this protein stain and contains the ultimate blend of proteolytic enzymes. It really removes dirt and stains, and best of all, it smells great. It's a relaxing scent, so you'll get used to a nice feeling while washing your clothes ♩ Aim for a comfortable life that makes every day more enjoyable. Experience changing the concept of laundry with Rinenna detergent. Please check it out♩

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