Rinenna #2 won the “Rinenna” Lifestyle Tools Award 2021 [Laundry Category Award]!

Rinenna #2 won the “Rinenna” Lifestyle Tools Award 2021 [Laundry Category Award]! |Published in the January issue of Linen

Rinenna #2 won the [Laundry Category Award] at the "Lifestyle Tools Award 2021" sponsored by the magazine "Rinnel" released on Friday, November 19, 2021!

What is the Living Tools Award?

We want people to know about valuable daily necessities that enrich their lives, so we have selected them from a unique perspective of ``Linen'', which is not included in previous hit product rankings. ( Excerpt from the Living Tools Award press release)

Rinenna #2 was awarded as a laundry tool that makes clothes cleaner and more enjoyable.

A total of 10 connoisseurs and the ``Linnel'' editorial department recommended their own recommended products. Award-winning items were determined in four categories: "Kitchen," "Kitchen Appliances," "Laundry," and "Cleaning." Rinenna #2 won the Laundry Category Award as a laundry tool that makes clothes cleaner and more enjoyable as people become more conscious about hygiene at home. ( Excerpt from the Living Tools Award press release)

Comments from the judges

``Just by soaking them in lukewarm water and putting them in the washing machine with the hot water, sweaty judo uniforms, gym clothes, and my husband's shirts will be revived with a refreshing scent and color.'' (Living Critic Kiyomi Oki) "It's a stylish container, so you can keep it as is." (Writer Ema Tanaka)

1000 hours of massaging in your own time | Message from Rinenna

Rinenna eliminates the need for massaging and washing, and just leaving it in the washing machine and running it in the washing machine removes a lot of dirt. This idea was born. When I calculated how many hours in my life I spent scrubbing, it came out to be 1000 hours. To be honest, I'm really happy to have been selected as the Grand Prize winner of the 2021 Lifestyle Tools Award in the laundry category, perhaps because I was able to convey my desire to be able to turn this washing time into my own time while soaking it with Rinenna. We will continue to work hard to create products so that as many people as possible can pick them up and take a moment to relax.

Rinenna #2, a leave-in detergent that completely removes the unpleasant smells of aging

There are many people who give up when they are unable to remove odors and dirt even though they thoroughly massage and wash their clothes. Odor, yellowing, and darkening are caused by proteins released from the body. Therefore, even if you remove sebum stains, if you do not remove protein stains, dark spots and yellowing will remain. Rinenna #2 focuses on this protein stain and is the ultimate blend of proteolytic enzymes. This is a special detergent that removes not only dark spots on the collars of Y-shirts, but also sweat odors from sports uniforms such as baseball and soccer just by applying it . Easy to use! Just put Rinenna #2 in a bucket of hot water, let it soak for 30 to 60 minutes, then put the contents of the bucket into the washing machine and wash! By leaving it on, you can turn the tedious time of massaging your hands into a time where you can relax and take a breather. This product was born from this idea.

To commemorate the award, we will distribute Rinenna #2 special coupons!

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