Are the ingredients in linenna dangerous? What is the environmental impact of "products containing phosphoric acid"?

<About phosphoric acid background>
Regarding the environment, the phosphoric acid content goes back about 50 years to environmental issues around the 1970s and 1980s.

In the 1970s, algae and red tide outbreaks occurred one after another in various areas. The cause of this was thought to be the increase in the amount of various substances considered to be nutrients in domestic and industrial wastewater, resulting in ``eutrophication*''. One of the nutrients that detergents contain is phosphorus, which is excreted, which has become a problem. It is thought that there were various other factors, such as the presence or absence of sewage facilities.

There were voices doubting the safety of synthetic detergents, which were rapidly becoming popular, and in 1983, the current Ministry of the Environment (then the Ministry of Health and Welfare) published ``Detergent Toxicity and Its Evaluation'', which was the culmination of domestic and international academic research. is officially denied. Reference material: Japan Soap and Detergent Industry Association (P3 includes information on phosphoric acid)

At Rinenna, we comply with the safety and environmental compatibility of detergents announced by the Ministry of the Environment, and we believe that the amount of detergent used has a low impact on the environment, assuming that it is flushed down the drain. We decided to commercialize the product as a phosphorus-containing product. In future product improvements and development, we will strive to create products that not only improve usability but also reduce the burden on the environment.

*Eutrophication is an increase in nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus in water bodies such as lakes and bays. The increase in nutrients causes an increase in phytoplankton, which disrupts the balance of the aquatic ecosystem. This is different from "organic pollution," which is caused by substances such as chemicals that cannot be broken down by microorganisms (substances with poor biodegradability).

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