What should I do if I want to wash cloth napkins in bulk?

If you wish to wash all items in bulk, please use one of the following methods.

1. Soak each cloth napkin in 500ml of hot water with 5g of detergent, then add detergent and hot water little by little in the following order: [cloth napkin after use → a small amount of detergent → a small amount of hot water]. After the number of sheets has been accumulated, wash them all at once.

2. Store the dirty cloth napkins and soak them before washing.

It is possible to remove stains from the day it was used, as well as stains that have passed over time.

(When making the cleaning solution, it is better to use hot water to increase the ability of enzymes to remove dirt, but please note that if you use hot water above 50℃, blood will coagulate. Also, be sure to thoroughly dissolve the detergent.)