Can the washing tub cleaner be used for drum-type washing machines?

Rinenna's washing tub cleaner can be used in drum, vertical, and dual tub washing machines. Drum type laundry tub cleaner ~For those using drum-type washing machines~

Regarding the timing of adding the cleaner to the washing tub, the method of adding the cleaner differs depending on the model of the drum-type washing machine you are using. Please use it.

In addition, regarding the soaking time, if the model cannot be washed with hot water, please use a longer soaking time.

The soaking time for tank cleaning also differs depending on the model of washing machine, so please choose a option that leaves the tub soaking for at least 10 hours.

However, please note that leaving it unattended for a long time (24 hours or more) may cause malfunction. Note)

Unless otherwise specified in your washing machine instruction manual, if you add cleaner after adding water, water may overflow from the door, so be sure to add cleaner before adding water.