Please tell me the steps to register as a member.

To register as a member of Rinenna's official shop, please visit this URL.

Click here to register as a member →

Click here to see each step of membership registration.

1: Display the member registration page

After entering your name, email address, and password, click the Create button.

*If you registered on the old site, only your "address" and "membership rank" will be transferred.
(Please note that your purchase history and regular purchases will not be transferred.)
*Please note that if you use "Google Login", "Line Login", or "Amazon Login", your old member information will not be carried over .


2: Send confirmation email

An account creation confirmation email will be sent to the registered email address.


3: Email confirmation and activation

Click the "Activate Account" button in the body of the "Customer Account Activation" email.

Rinenna official shop member registration 3

4: Automatic login

You will now be logged in to your My Page. Please continue to enjoy shopping at Rinenna Official Shop.

*The "points" held on the old site will be sent to you via email as a coupon.
If you are unsure, please feel free to contact us.

Rinenna official shop member registration 4