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Rinenna No.9 FABRIC CONDITIONER + RINANNA Pro ZERO 100g Home Cleaning Set

Rinenna No.9 FABRIC CONDITIONER + RINANNA Pro ZERO 100g Home Cleaning Set

Rinenna Clothes conditioner created from customer feedback


A high-quality fabric softener that improves the damage caused by fibers in clothing is now available as a set with popular detergents.

At the strong request of Rinenna users, we now have a set with Rinenna's popular laundry detergent! You can choose the set contents according to the purpose and dirt.

A set with a fashionable detergent that precisely removes makeup stains and oil stains.

With professional fashion laundry detergents #ZERO and #9, you can get your favorite clothes to the finish of a dry cleaner at home. Rinenna staff is highly recommended.

We are committed to making your favorite clothes last longer , and we have created a high-quality fabric softener for professional use.

Luxury fabric softener designed for your precious clothes

There are various fabric softeners on the market that improve the water absorption of towels, but Rinenna has developed a fabric softener that focuses on comfort and prolonging the life of your clothes .

For a soft and impressive texture

You can feel the difference with FABRIC CONDITIONER NO.9 from the moment you wash it.
A luxurious blend of high-quality smoothing ingredients coats each fiber, making it wrinkle-resistant and smooth to the touch.

Protect fibers and make clothes last longer

FABRIC CONDITIONER NO.9 offers the following benefits for providing comfort and protecting clothing.
■ Improves wrinkle elongation ■ Adjusts to the original texture of the fiber ■ Reduces adhesion of pollen and dust ■ Reduces static electricity ■ Reduces friction damage

Unscented comfort

Based on the questionnaires answered by linenna users, we have adjusted the product to maximize the effects desired from a fabric softener.

Additionally, in order to respect various values ​​regarding fragrance, which has become a social issue in recent years, the conditioner being released this time is purposely unscented.

By not adding fragrances, the amount of residual ingredients (such as oil contained in fragrances) on clothes after washing is suppressed, leading to a more pleasant finish.

Enjoy “home cleaning” with Rinenna!

If we can properly care for clothing, which deteriorates little by little every time we wear or wash it (=aging), we can enjoy more fun wearing and choosing clothes, and we can achieve ethical consumption that does not assume that they are disposable. be connected.

How to keep your clothes clean for a long time
・Remove dirt thoroughly
・Protect the fibers These two things are important.

Until now, we have developed products with a focus on removing dirt, but with the newly released FABRIC CONDITIONER NO.9 in our lineup, you can now easily clean your home at home.

You can save the cost and time of cleaning, and your time performance for housework will improve significantly. Please try it once.

A talismanic detergent that will ensure that there are no oil stains or makeup stains on your collar.

Have you ever accidentally got foundation, lipstick, sunscreen, etc. on your clothes?
Stains from foundation and sunscreen are noticeable on both white and black clothing.

Not only when you put on and take off clothes, but especially in the summer, the sunscreen you apply on your neck and arms can run off with sweat and end up on your neck or cuffs.

The problem with makeup stains such as foundation and sunscreen is that they cannot be removed by simply washing them in the washing machine.
However, if you rub or rub it, the fabric will stretch and become tangled.

The first stylish laundry detergent in the Linen Na Pro series was developed to remove those troublesome stains that tend to accumulate on a daily basis.

Just use a dropper to put a few drops on the affected area and throw it in the washing machine. You can also remove stains from fashionable laundry detergent at home.

This place is amazing! Stylish clothing detergent RINENNA#ZERO

1. No soaking time! Spot use

This is an ultra-high concentration detergent that specializes in oil-based spot stains, so it works effectively on stains when used in small amounts.

Simply apply directly to the stain before washing in the washing machine. There is no need for soaking time or washing.

2. Stylish laundry detergent that can be used for your favorite delicate clothes

Can be used on delicate clothing! Because the ingredients are designed to be neutral, it can also be used on delicate clothing made from animal fibers such as wool and silk. Also, since it does not contain bleaching ingredients, it can be used on colored patterned items.

You can now easily remove stains from your clothes at home, even if you used to take them to the dry cleaners just to remove stains.

3. No need to worry about ramen stains, yakiniku sauce, or meat juices spilling out!

Oil-based stains that can be accidentally applied. Moreover, there are unpleasant stains in the most noticeable places...If you have RINENNA#ZERO, you'll be fine! Repel stains with pinpoint precision!

Why not keep RINENNA #ZERO on hand as a ``talismanic detergent'' that will save you money on cleaning costs?

【スタッフレビュー 1】クリーニングに出していたスーツを自宅で洗えるように!



【スタッフレビュー 1】セーターについた焼肉の油じみもZEROがあれば安心♪



【スタッフレビュー 3】クリーニング店表記を家で洗濯!汗・袖と首の黒ずみに



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Collapsible content

Product contents

Rinenna No.9 fabric conditioner 600ml 1 bottle
RINENNAPro #ZERO 100g 1 bottle

Product information

■RINENNA Pro 0 #ZERO product information
・Manufacturer Japan
・Product name: Partial detergent
・Applications: For cotton, linen, and synthetic fibers
・Liquid neutral
Surfactant (80%: polyoxyalkylene alkyl ether), propylene glycol (stabilizer), water

■Rinenna No.9 FABRIC CONDITIONER Product Information
・Manufacturer Japan
・Applications: Agents for washable clothing (cotton, wool, chemical fibers, etc.), fragrances
Cationic surfactants, nonionic surfactants, texture improvers, stabilizers
・Standard usage amount: 30g for 30L of water
・Estimated usage amount
...[how to use]
For fully automatic washing machines: Put this product into the automatic fabric softener slot and wash.
For dual-tub washing machines or hand washing: When the rinse water is clean, add this product and run for 3 minutes, or soak and then spin dry.
...Estimated amount used]
10ml to 20ml for 10L of water
Please use the scale on the cap as a guide to calculate the amount of water used when washing.
*For drum-type washing machines, please refer to the table above as a guide for the amount of laundry to be washed.
*Please adjust the amount according to your preference.
If you reduce the amount of water and increase the amount of this product, you will get a smooth and smooth finish.

Precautions for use

<Precautions when using RINENNA Pro #ZERO>
Since this is a concentrated detergent, please be sure to rinse it at least 3 times before use.
When applying, use the included dropper and wear rubber gloves.

■RINENNA Pro 0 #ZERO precautions for use
・Be sure to use the included dropper as the active ingredients are highly concentrated.
・Be sure to rinse at least 3 times when washing by hand or using a washing machine.
・Before use, please read the instruction manual carefully and follow the dosage, storage method, and use the product correctly.
・Please wash according to the washing instructions on the clothing.
- Be careful not to let people with dementia get it in their eyes or mouth, and keep it out of reach of children.
・This product is not a cosmetic product.
- After use, be sure to rinse the included dropper thoroughly with water before storing.
・When using, be sure to wear cooking gloves. Wash cooking gloves thoroughly after use, and if they get on your skin, rinse thoroughly with running water.
・If swallowed, rinse your mouth with tap water and consult a doctor.
・If it gets into your eyes, do not rub it, rinse it with running water for at least 15 minutes, and consult a doctor.
- If detergent gets on the label, wipe it off thoroughly as it may cause damage if left unattended. (Wear cooking gloves when wiping, and if you use a towel, wash or wash it immediately.)
・Can also be used for baby clothes.
- Will not remove nail polish, pigments, dyes, rust, or fading of the fiber itself.
・It can be used on delicate clothing such as silk and wool, but please be sure to test it on an inconspicuous area before use, as the cleaning ingredients may cause the fibers to lose their texture.
・It can be used on colored patterned clothing and denim, but there is a risk that the color will fade if the dye has not penetrated properly into the fiber itself (clothing with low fastness). Please be sure to test it in an inconspicuous area before use.
・When using, place a folded towel under the dirty area to prevent stains from transferring.
- Please note that if the fabric overlaps the back or surface of the area where detergent has been applied, stains may transfer.
・If you leave it for more than 10 minutes after applying detergent, the fabric may be damaged.
・Dirty removal varies depending on the degree of dirt.
・Not all dirt will be removed.
・Do not use for purposes other than those listed above.

■Rinenna No.9 FABRIC CONDITIONER Precautions for use
・Please do not use it for any purpose other than its intended purpose.
・Please keep it out of reach of children and people with dementia.
・Avoid high temperatures and low noise, and store in a place out of direct sunlight.
・Do not let the undiluted solution come into direct contact with clothing.
・When using the automatic fabric softener dispenser, please follow the instruction manual for the washing machine.
*Due to its properties, the liquid may separate. There is no problem with the quality, so please shake well before use.
*Continuing to use the washing machine's automatic loader may cause clogs. Clean the tank and routes regularly.
*For the love of using this product, please refrain from drying it in a room where an oil fan heater is used.
[first aid]
・If it gets into your eyes, do not rub it, but immediately rinse it with running water for at least 15 minutes.
・If swallowed, do not vomit; immediately rinse your mouth and drink water.
・If any abnormality remains in either case, please bring this product and consult a medical institution.