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[Set of 3 pieces of the same size] Rinenna's comfortable cloth napkins

[Set of 3 pieces of the same size] Rinenna's comfortable cloth napkins

A cloth napkin that feels like breathing


In this sustainable era, why not change the ``common sense'' of sanitary products?

Nowadays, the use of environmentally friendly resources is attracting attention, and sustainable behavior such as eco bags and my chopsticks has become socially established in daily life. Rinenna's cloth napkins are not only an ethical product that is considerate of the global environment, but also a helpful item that relieves discomfort during the menstrual period and makes the user's mind and body comfortable.

Paper napkins are used by many people. It has many advantages such as being disposable and easy to purchase. However, it is also true that many people experience the discomfort of ``itching in sensitive areas'' caused by ``easy stuffiness.''
Rinenna's cloth napkins do not use chemical fibers and have a 4-layer structure made from premium cotton fabric, which is also used for baby cloth diapers. It's extremely comfortable to wear, absorbs sweat, and quickly releases moisture, so you can stay refreshed even during uncomfortable menstrual periods.

Washing is easy with Rinenna #1. Trial packs and buckets with lids are also available as options.

【スタッフレビュー 1】かぶれ対策&娘のお守りに




【スタッフレビュー 2】生理の前も安心



【スタッフレビュー 3】おりもの、尿漏れ対策にも



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