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[Starter set] Cloth napkins S 2, M 2, L 1 (5)

[Starter set] Cloth napkins S 2, M 2, L 1 (5)

A cloth napkin that feels like breathing

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In this sustainable era, why not change the ``common sense'' of sanitary products?

Nowadays, the use of environmentally friendly resources is attracting attention, and sustainable behavior such as eco bags and my chopsticks has become socially established in daily life. Rinenna's cloth napkins are not only an ethical product that is considerate of the global environment, but also a helpful item that relieves discomfort during the menstrual period and makes the user's mind and body comfortable.

Paper napkins are used by many people. It has many advantages such as being disposable and easy to purchase. However, it is also true that many people experience the discomfort of ``itching in sensitive areas'' caused by ``easy stuffiness.''
Rinenna's cloth napkins do not use chemical fibers and have a 4-layer structure made from premium cotton fabric, which is also used for baby cloth diapers. It's extremely comfortable to wear, absorbs sweat, and quickly releases moisture, so you can stay refreshed even during uncomfortable menstrual periods.

Washing is easy with Rinenna #1. Trial packs and buckets with lids are also available as options.

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Rinennaearth point1

Comfortable to wear that feels like breathing

Rinenna cloth napkins are made from high-quality materials for delicate skin. The material that comes into contact with the skin is baby cotton, and the inside is made of several layers of special fabric that catch menstrual blood and prevent it from leaking.

What's more, the breathability prevents stuffiness that can cause skin problems, keeping the inside of the shorts comfortable.

Rinennaearth POINT2

No need to worry about washing with linenna

Cloth napkins have the image of being difficult to wash because they are items that need to be kept clean. Rinenna's soaking detergent removes dirt from cloth diapers, removing menstrual blood stains without having to massage them.

Comfortable cloth napkins and detergent Rinenna #1 that washes cleanly just by soaking them in. This combination completes a stress-free cloth napkin life.

Rinennaearth POINT3

Life-friendly, ethical design

Rinenna's cloth napkins are available in three sizes: S, M, and L.

Because of the carefully designed shape, these three sizes can be used not only for menstrual days, but the S size can be used for vaginal discharge and urinary leaks, and the L size can be used for postpartum lochia.

It is an item that fits the current era, as it is simple to use, can be used for a wide range of purposes, and is waste-free.

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Product contents

1 cloth napkin, 2 S, 2 M, 1 L (set of 5)
Options Rinenna#1 1kg 1 box
Options Omniutti bucket S size 1

Cloth napkin product information

■Cloth napkins
...Surface: 100% dobby woven cotton, breathable waterproof fabric
...Inner side: Cotton blend pile/breathable waterproof fabric
...Back side: 100% cotton
[Light daily size (S)]
...Length: 19cm
...Width: 19.5cm
[Normal daily size (M)]
...Length: 27cm
...Width: 19.5cm
[Night size (L)]
...Length: 35cm
...Width: 20.5cm
・Country of manufacture: Japan

Precautions for using cloth napkins

■Precautions for using cloth napkins
- If you use fabric softener when washing, the absorbency may decrease.
・If you soak cloth napkins in water or hot water after use, bacteria will grow, so please be sure to use detergent or oxygen bleach.
・You can use a dryer, but the fabric may be easily damaged.

Detergent product information

■Laundry detergent Rinenna#1 Mandarin Citrus Product information
・Manufacturer Japan
・Product name Synthetic detergent for laundry
・Applications: cotton, linen, synthetic fibers
・Liquid: Weakly alkaline
Surfactant (19% polyoxyalkylene alkyl ether, sodium alphoolefin sulfonate, sodium linear alkylbenzene sulfonate), phosphate, silicate, bleach (oxygen-based), anti-refouling agent, enzyme, bleach activation agents, fragrances
・Standard usage amount: 30g for 30L of water
・Estimated usage amount
...Soak: 20g (2 spoons) in 2L of 40℃ hot water (approximately 50 servings with this product)
...Washing machine: 1 spoonful in 30L of water (approximately 33 times with this product)

Detergent precautions

■Laundry detergent Rinenna #1 Mandarin Citrus Precautions for use
・Please wash according to the washing instructions on the clothing.
・Can also be used for baby clothes.
- Be careful of infants and young children playing with soap bubbles and mischief, and keep out of reach of children.
・If you are prone to rough skin or will be using the product for a long time, please use cooking gloves when washing with detergent applied to the brush.
After use, we recommend washing your hands thoroughly with water and using cream etc.
・If swallowed, please take measures such as giving water to drink.
・This product contains bleach (oxygen-based).
・Stains caused by chemicals such as dyes will not come off.
・Cannot be used on silk fabrics. Also, due to the characteristics of the material, wool may shrink if soaked, so please be careful when using it.
・If you leave it on for more than 24 hours, there is a risk of damaging the fabric or re-contaminating it. (We recommend leaving it on for 12 hours or less.)
・For items such as denim that have not been dyed properly into the fibers (clothing with low fastness), there is a risk that the color will fade if left soaked. For clothing that is concerned about color fading, be sure to apply detergent solution to an inconspicuous area before soaking, leave it on for about 5 minutes, and do not use on clothing that may discolor or fade.
・Please be aware that if you soak clothing that has previously been washed with bleach, the dye may peel off from the damaged fibers and the color may fade.
・Do not use for purposes other than those listed above.

Bucket product information

■sceltevie omniutti bucket
...Main body, lid, handle: Polypropylene
...Ring: Polyethylene
・Manufacturer Japan
·size W210×D224×H175mm
...S: W271×D254×H211mm
...L: W282×D267×H265mm
·weight 465g
...S: 730g
...L: 825g
·capacity 4 liters
...S: 8 liters
...L: 10 liters
・Load capacity: 150kg tested (however, the entire lid is loaded)
・Heat-resistant temperature 120℃

■Omniutti bucket is recommended for soaking and washing
The Omniutti bucket is recommended for soaking and washing.
The lid prevents odors from leaking out, so you don't have to worry about unpleasant odors when washing cloth napkins or cloth diapers.
The handle has a hole for the hose to pass through, so you don't have to worry about the hose coming off when filling up with water. Water can be easily collected even if you take your hands off.
■L is the recommended size for clothes such as T-shirts! S size cloth napkins are enough for one day.
[mini size: height 17.5cm, capacity 4 liters W210 x D224 x H175mm]
If you want to soak and wash, cloth napkins are suitable for light daily use (for vaginal discharge) or small clothes. It is also a popular size for children. It's small and light, so it's easy for children to carry, and it's also recommended as a toy container or as a plaything for playing house.
[S size: Height 21.1cm, capacity 8 liters W271 x D254 x H211mm]
Very convenient for washing cloth napkins, socks, etc. The cloth napkins are the perfect size to put on a day's worth.
The compact size makes it easy to place in a small space in your room, so it is recommended to use it as a small accessory case in your living room, which tends to be cluttered.
[L size: height 26.5cm, capacity 10 liters W282 x D267 x H265mm]
Recommended for soaking clothes such as Y-shirts and T-shirts and cloth diapers. It's the perfect size to use as a bucket for storing clothes, etc.