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Laundry detergent Rinenna #1 (Linenna)

Laundry detergent Rinenna #1 (Linenna)

No more worries about stains and dirt! Wash your favorites

Do you have this problem? A laundry detergent that solves the three major laundry problems.

Worry 1. I don't have time to pre-process

It can be difficult to scrub away stubborn stains that won't come off in the washing machine, such as spilled food, baby poop leaks, vomited milk, and menstrual blood on cloth napkins.

Problem 2: Odors and dirt remain even after washing

Even though you're supposed to be washing your clothes, the dirt doesn't come off completely, and before you know it, your clothes turn dark or yellow.

Problem 3: Cleaning costs are high

Sending it out for cleaning to remove stains costs money and time. I started avoiding white and bright colored clothes because I didn't want them to get dirty.

The laundry detergent Rinenna solves these problems.

Removes stubborn yellowing, sweat stains, poop, and other human-derived dirt and stains without having to massage the product, just leave it on.

All you need is laundry detergent and linen and a container to put it in.

We pursued Taipa to the fullest, so we decided to use it as a soaking detergent.

Linen was born out of a desire to solve the laborious process of massaging and the fuss of washing, where you don't know whether or not it will come off even after massaging.

Remove stains that are difficult to remove with regular detergent, stains on cloth diapers, blood stains on underwear, baby's breast milk or milk spills, spilled food, shirt collar stains, sweat stains, etc. Just pour it on and it will wash away.

This is a powerful detergent that eliminates both the cleaning costs involved in removing stains and the invisible household labor time involved in scrubbing.

Easy 2 STEP! How to use laundry detergent Linenna

STEP1. Let it soak.

Laundry detergent Rinenna #1 that removes dirt just by soaking it

Just add 2 spoons of linen to hot water, stir well, and soak your dirty clothes. Leave it on for about 30 minutes (you can also leave it on overnight)

STEP 2. Put it in the washing machine

Just put the soaked dirty water in the washing machine and spin it. Dirty water flows down the drain, so when washing, you use tap water, so it's more hygienic ◎ There's no stains or odors!

Laundry detergent Rinenna #1 is a proprietary blend that does not affect dyes, so there is no need to worry about color fading. Contains only biodegradable ingredients, so you can safely use it on baby's clothing.

Linenna's three commitments

Focus on dirt from the body

We focus on the causes of tough stains, such as sebum and excrement. The sebum stains that tend to accumulate on clothing can be cleaned without scrubbing thanks to the luxuriously formulated proteolytic enzymes.

Not only baby clothes and cloth diapers, but also darkening and yellowing on the collars of cloth napkins, absorbent shorts, and Y-shirts. It is also an all-purpose detergent that can be used to remove accumulated dirt from pillowcases, bedding, bath towels, etc. that need to be cleaned to maintain beautiful skin.

Blended with biodegradable ingredients that are safe for babies

All ingredients used in the detergent are biodegradable and no fluorescent agents are used. Made of environmentally friendly raw materials, it can be safely used in baby clothing.

Captures dirt with high cleaning power

By adjusting the cleaning ingredients to be alkaline, we have achieved high cleaning power. A unique blend of laundry detergent that grabs dirt from fibers and prevents them from being damaged.

Easy with just one spoon! Relieve stress as dirt and stains are removed

Don't try to avoid wearing white or bright clothing because you'll get it dirty. Linen is easy to remove.

"Since it's daily laundry, it's more convenient and more economical."
The regular laundry detergent service ``Rinenna Club'' has a regular shipment of Rinenna #1.

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Product contents

The soaking detergent is Rinenna #1

Product information

■Laundry detergent Rinenna#1 Mandarin Citrus Product information
・Manufacturer Japan
・Product name Synthetic detergent for laundry
・Applications: cotton, linen, synthetic fibers
・Liquid: Weakly alkaline
Surfactant (19% polyoxyalkylene alkyl ether, sodium alphoolefin sulfonate, sodium linear alkylbenzene sulfonate), phosphate, silicate, bleach (oxygen-based), anti-refouling agent, enzyme, bleach activation agents, fragrances
・Standard usage amount: 30g for 30L of water
・Estimated usage amount
...Soak: 20g (2 spoons) in 2L of 40℃ hot water (approximately 50 servings with this product)
...Washing machine: 1 spoonful in 30L of water (approximately 33 times with this product)

Precautions for use

■Laundry detergent Rinenna #1 Mandarin Citrus Precautions for use
・Please wash according to the washing instructions on the clothing.
・Can also be used for baby clothes.
- Be careful of infants and young children playing with soap bubbles and mischief, and keep out of reach of children.
・If you are prone to rough skin or will be using the product for a long time, please use cooking gloves when washing with detergent applied to the brush.
After use, we recommend washing your hands thoroughly with water and using cream etc.
・If swallowed, please take measures such as giving water to drink.
・This product contains bleach (oxygen-based).
・Stains caused by chemicals such as dyes will not come off.
・Cannot be used on silk fabrics. Also, due to the characteristics of the material, wool may shrink if soaked, so please be careful when using it.
・If you leave it on for more than 24 hours, there is a risk of damaging the fabric or re-contaminating it. (We recommend leaving it on for 12 hours or less.)
・For items such as denim that have not been dyed properly into the fibers (clothing with low fastness), there is a risk that the color will fade if left soaked. For clothing that is concerned about color fading, be sure to apply detergent solution to an inconspicuous area before soaking, leave it on for about 5 minutes, and do not use on clothing that will discolor or fade.
・Please note that if you soak clothes that have previously been washed with bleach, the dye may peel off from the damaged fibers and the color may fade.
・Do not use for purposes other than those listed above.