1. Our mission is to “make life more comfortable”

Linenna's mission

Linenna develops, manufactures, and sells products that change the concept of housework with the mission of "making life more comfortable."

The Great East Japan Earthquake occurred while our representative, Hirashima, was on her first childcare leave. Disposable diapers have disappeared from drugstores, and only cloth diapers remain on the shelves.

When I reluctantly started using it, my baby seemed comfortable and there was no waste. I feel refreshed and good after washing. While I was fascinated by cloth diapers, I also found it difficult to use ready-made diapers.

Wanting to make cloth diapers that would put less stress on babies and mothers, he searched for a factory and developed the plan himself. We have launched an EC shop.

Afterwards, the stress of daily scrubbing gave rise to an idea, and we developed Linenna #1, a detergent that removes a lot of dirt when washed.

From Linen Na #1 that removes stains, Linen Na #2 that removes odors, and Linen Na #3 that removes stains from laundry tubs, we are developing products to change the concept of laundry tub cleaners and housework.

2. The origin of linenna

Linenna started with cloth diapers

linenna cloth diapers

March 11, 2011, the Great East Japan Earthquake. Founder Rie Hirashima was on childcare leave with her first child when she was affected by the disaster in Kanagawa Prefecture.

There was panic buying in the Tokyo metropolitan area, and when I went to drugstores, disposable diapers had disappeared. Rinenna (formerly known as Estlance) started when she reluctantly bought some cloth diapers that were left in the corner of a shelf.

My first time using cloth diapers.

There is no waste and no chemical smell. The baby seemed to be feeling good too.

Changing diapers frequently has many positive effects, such as increasing the number of times your baby speaks to you.

However, the dirt does not come off easily. When you put them in the washing machine, the washing tub diapers get tangled together and are difficult to unravel.

I didn't have a good idea of ​​the size, and the design wasn't cute either.

We developed Rinenna Baby cloth diapers in an effort to create cloth diapers that mothers can use more comfortably and comfortably.

linenna cloth diapers

Developing cloth napkins with a focus on ultimate comfort

After realizing the benefits of cloth diapers, the next step was to develop cloth napkins.

Even when women feel depressed every month, cloth napkins can help them feel more comfortable.

A little bit of comfort during the postpartum lochia period.

Cloth napkins are made of cotton where they touch the skin, so they do not cool your body, and they can be washed and used many times, reducing waste and eliminating unpleasant odors.

I feel that understanding the amount of menstrual blood helps me develop a sense of valuing my own body.

linenna cloth napkins

It eliminates the discomfort of existing products when menstrual blood gets on it, and uses fibers with high water absorption.

Linen cloth napkins are made with a structure that prevents leakage.

Birth of the linenna detergent series, a soaking detergent that does not require washing

linenna detergent

Although we developed cloth diapers and cloth napkins, the biggest challenge in continuing to use them was ``washing.''

No matter how much you wash it, if you don't massage it, the dirt won't come off.

When we calculated the amount of time a person would spend scrubbing, it turned out to be 1,000 hours.

It would be a waste to waste your precious and limited time on massaging.

I tried detergents from all over Japan to see if there was a detergent that could remove stains without rubbing.

I tried detergents from the United States, but none of them could remove poop and menstrual blood stains without scrubbing.

If it didn't exist, I searched for a raw material supplier and developed it. The poop and urine stains of friends and staff's children, and the menstrual blood of dozens of friends.

With Linenna #1, I was able to remove it cleanly and refreshingly by just leaving it on without massaging it all.

This is Japan's first detergent that focuses on the "hard-to-remove protein" stains from the body and removes a lot of it just by leaving it on.

Does using linenna #1 #2 cause black mold to adhere to clothes? !

Following LINENA #1, which removes dirt, we have also commercialized LINENA #2, a detergent that focuses on removing odors such as aging odor.

After that, I noticed that the washing tub was dirty after hearing from a user who said, ``Black mold gets on my clothes when I use Linenna laundry detergent.''

Linenna #1 #2 also has the ability to remove stains from the washing tub. If you keep using it, you won't need to clean the washing tub, but on the other hand, if dirt accumulates in the washing tub when you use it for the first time, that dirt will come off and stick to your clothes.

No matter how much dirt you remove with linen, if dirt accumulates in the washing tub, the dirt that should be removed won't come off.

However, it takes 8 to 10 hours to seriously remove the dirt from the washing tub.

Therefore, we developed a laundry tank cleaner that removes dirt by washing with hot water.

Achieves professional level cleaning power in just 2-3 hours.

Linenna laundry tub cleaner

Make your life more comfortable with linenna

Cloth diapers, cloth napkins, linen laundry detergent, and laundry tub cleaner.

What we consistently value is ``making life more comfortable with products that change the concept of housework.''

So that those responsible for housework do not become exhausted by housework. So that you can use your limited time more meaningfully.

We will continue to create products that make everyone's lives more comfortable.

3. What Linenna values

problem-solving products,
We have researched thoroughly and commercialized the product.

Linenna offers products that solve problems in housework, such as Linenna #1, a detergent that removes a lot of dirt when soaked, Linenner #2, which removes odors when washed soaked, and Washing Tank Cleaner, which quickly removes dirt from the washing tub. Planning and development.

We have created a prototype and are thoroughly researching whether it really removes dirt from baby diapers, women's menstrual blood, and many washing machines. We only commercialize products that we can recommend with confidence.

Linenna minimizes waste

When I used cloth diapers and cloth napkins, I felt, ``You can use them again after washing them.It feels good not to produce garbage.'' We value this feeling even in the manufacturing process.

By deliberately narrowing down the number of products, Linenna manufactures products that do not require disposal.

Each item is a long-seller and has been purchased by fans for a long time. Does not increase the number of molds and does not increase waste

Additionally, in order to avoid wasting packaging materials when delivered to customers, we have designed a box so that multiple patterns of products can be placed in one box.

This is because I believe that by not producing wasteful garbage, it will come back to us.

Women do not let their abilities fall asleep,
Create an environment where you can maintain contact with society

Professional women work at Linenna.

They start by choosing an employment type that suits their lifestyle. It doesn't matter where you live.

I hope that women, who are susceptible to lifestyle changes, will continue to give back to society with their abilities, even after getting married or having children.

There may be times when you put more emphasis on life than work. I want them to continue to have contact with society, whether it's in their spare time or from home.

Linen is created from the perspective of working women.