Rinenna Babyの誕生とこだわりについて

About the birth and commitment of Rinenna Baby

As I mentioned in the article " How Rinenna Baby started ," I started using cloth diapers out of necessity during the chaos of the earthquake. It was that kind of feeling.
Among households that use baby diapers, only 4% use cloth diapers. As I continued to use them, I realized why the percentage remained at 4%, as I used to use disposable diapers with a wide variety of products.
This is just my personal opinion, but when I first started using cloth diapers, I realized the three main reasons for not using cloth diapers.
1. leak
2. I don't know which category of SML this applies to.
3. It seems difficult to process (wash) (actually it is)
...I don't think I'd want to continue using it.

Why did I still choose cloth diapers?

Although cloth diapers have such a fatal weakness, there is still a reason why I wanted to use cloth diapers for my child.
1. Even if you run out of disposable diapers in an emergency, you can take care of them without panic.
2. The diaper comes off smoothly and quickly
3. Actually economical

And one more important point
4. for baby's body

I came to know about the phrase "for the baby's body" as I started making products and did a lot of research, but in a paper published by an American pediatrician, There was something that said, ``There's something unusual about the baby's waist.''
A disposable diaper that weighs about 500g after absorbing urine. This can put a considerable strain on the waist of a baby weighing only a few kilograms.
I know this because I used to use disposable diapers, but when I urinate right after changing the diaper, there is a line showing but it's only a small amount. Have you ever felt that it is a waste to change to new disposable diapers over and over again?
Disposable diapers are highly absorbent and babies often don't show any discomfort, so it's easy to go long periods without changing diapers.
In fact, it was discovered that the heavy diapers were causing damage to the baby's lower back.
Of course, I'm sure there are many mothers who change their child's diaper carefully and carefully each time.
Unfortunately, the more you do that, the more disposable diapers will put a strain on your household budget. It may seem like a small thing, but it's a big problem when you consider how long you'll be using diapers for several years.
However, even though cloth diapers have so many advantages, the hurdles listed above for not choosing them are quite high.

The birth of the innovative cloth diaper Rinenna Baby

If only I could experience the benefits of cloth diapers that I felt...
With this idea in mind, we began creating our products.
Cloth diapers that were available at the time always leaked.
First of all, we tried to do something about that, so we made careful calculations using our child's body, had many discussions with textile professionals at the sewing factory, and designed the design by considering every detail such as the direction of the threads and fibers. We developed a molded diaper that was not available anywhere else at the time.
Thanks to this molded diaper, we were able to solve various hurdles: ・No leakage ・One size fits all sizes from newborn to diaper ・Easy to wash (easy to handle without getting tangled in the washing machine)
We have created cloth diapers that are comfortable for babies and easy for mothers to handle.

We support a happy cloth diaper life.

Still, cloth diapers require washing, which may be the biggest hurdle for moms who don't have the time or the mental resources to do so.
Therefore, by developing Rinenna, a soaking detergent, we aimed to help everyone live a happy cloth diaper life.
Rinenna cloth diapers require initial purchase, so there is an initial cost.
However, in reality...we have created a product with such high performance that there is no need to replace it (lol). We have even heard from users that they are using it for their second and third child.
Rinenna detergent is more expensive than commercially available laundry detergent, but when you consider the savings in disposable diaper costs over several years by using Rinenna Baby, it's actually kinder to your household budget.
We hope you can spend time with your baby stress-free by using a method that suits your personality and lifestyle, such as using disposable diapers when you go out and cloth diapers at home.


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