Rinenna cloth napkins and detergent were introduced on LEE!

Media coverage: Shueisha LEE | Easy-to-wash cloth napkins

Rinenna's cloth napkins made me want to keep using these!

Cloth napkins are something that every woman is interested in at least once.

The editor who tried it this time tried it once, but apparently retired due to the hassle of washing it. Then, when they came across Rinenna's cloth napkins , they seemed to wipe away all the negative aspects they had about cloth napkins, and they thought, ``I want to keep using these!'' (←Thank you!!!)

We also used Rinenna detergent . It contains real impressions from people who have actually used it, so I would be happy if you could take a look at it.

Comment from the representative

Cloth napkins should never be uncomfortable, so we were really particular about how comfortable they were to put on, and this product was created after many failures, so I'm really happy that people understand how good it is.

I can't say that wearing cloth pads will relieve menstrual pain or eliminate infertility, but it was born out of the desire to make uncomfortable days even a little better.

It's the same as the inner layer that goes inside your top (I always call this a Baba shirt), and just putting it inside your pants will give you a different level of warmth, so it's perfect for days when it's cold even when you're not on your period. I would like you to try it.

In that sense (to protect against the cold), it is a product that men who are sensitive to cold should also wear. (If I recommend it to men, they will always decline, but if you are interested in trying it, you are most welcome.)



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    [Starter set] Cloth napkins S 2, M 2, L 1 (5)


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    [All sizes trial set] Cloth napkins 1 S / M 1 / L 1


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    [Set of 3 pieces of the same size] Rinenna's comfortable cloth napkins