[Rinenna]'s gift package comes with a convenient shopper paper bag.

Make a smile with a gift from [Rinenna]

What do you think about when choosing a present? When you give someone a present, you imagine the joy on their face when they open it.
I want to see the smiles on everyone's faces when they use [Rinenna].
I want to see everyone's smiles in my hands.
You can also add it to your favorite gift.
Enjoy the experience of thoroughly removing your hair with Rinenna, an easy-to-use and hassle-free soaking detergent.
Rinenna's gift
You can use it with confidence not only for you but also for your loved ones♪
…for your beautiful life…
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[Rinenna]'s gift package comes with a shopper paper bag that is convenient for handing over directly.
Please use all means.

Rinenna gift products

Rinenna#1 gift wrapping

The matte and chic black sleeve is decorated with a ribbon with the Rinenna logo.
Each box comes with a paper bag.
Rinenna gift

Rinenna Trial 3 Pack Gift Set

The matte and chic black sleeve is decorated with a ribbon with the Rinenna logo.
Each set comes with a paper bag.

Gift set with Omniutti bucket

Delivered in an elegantly designed gift box with the Rinenna logo.

Rinenna#1 Starter Gift Set Rinenna gift

Rinenna#2 starter gift Rinenna gift

[Rinenna Series] ▼ Rinenna #1 is a laundry detergent that is popular for soaking.
No scrubbing required at all!

▼Detergent that removes bad smells Rinenna#2 WhiteMusk Detergent that removes aging odors

▼Rinenna's comfortable cloth napkins to relieve painful menstrual pain.
Baby cotton x safe Japanese cloth napkins

[Media introduction]

・VERY web

rinenna introduced as a favorite item on VERY writer Shizuna Takahashi's blog


Introducing Rinenna's leave-in wash saying, "I want to keep using this!"


Fragrance professionals interview Rinenna #2! We have summarized the impressions of actually using it and user reviews.


The editorial department of a lifestyle media that focuses on "laundry" reports on their impressions of Rinenna #2


Rinenna introduces detergent as a gift for baby showers

・Hana's laundry lab notebook

Verifying Rinenna #1 in "Hana's Laundry Lab Note", which is researching anti-aging washing techniques for clothes.
As a result, it was introduced as the strongest detergent ever!

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Rinenna New York

A detergent that comes off easily just by soaking it in.

Rinenna Baby

A cloth diaper brand born with the aim of creating a cloth diaper lifestyle that is kind to babies and mothers.
One size from newborn to out of diapers.
Cloth diapers are comfortable for babies and easy for mothers to handle.

Rinenna Earth

``Make an unpleasant time as pleasant as possible. ” A cloth napkin brand was born with that feeling in mind.
Something that allows you to take a breather on a difficult day.
Even if it's a blue day, I hope you can wear comfortable materials and feel a little more comfortable.


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