Rinenna Review Summary [Outdoor Shoes] Shocking dirt removal before and after

Hello, this is Rinenna, a laundry detergent.
What do children's indoor shoes do to get so dirty in such a short period of time? It's a pain to wash them by scrubbing them regularly.
This time, we would like to introduce you to the feedback we received from people who washed their indoor shoes at Rinenna.

I was skeptical but tried it and was surprised!

Before|The inside and soles of the shoes are black with stubborn dirt...

I tried it on my children's school shoes!! ︎ Really just leave it on? I was skeptical, but I tried it and was surprised! ︎ ⁑ ⁑ School shoes.
I bring my shoes home every week, and every week they're extremely dirty. The inside of the shoes and the soles of the shoes are all pitch black. It's a stubborn stain that won't come off unless you scrub it. It's quite difficult to scrub these shoes every week.

After | Freed from massaging and scrubbing

Dissolve detergent in 40℃ hot water and leave to soak for 4 hours.
I was really surprised! Dirt inside the shoes and on the soles of the shoes are gone! ︎!! ︎!! ︎ It was a shock!! ︎ ⁑ ⁑ Since it has this power even on shoes with stubborn dirt, I have no doubt that it will be more effective on other dirt!! ︎ ⁑ ⁑ Frees you from massaging and scrubbing. The packaging is also stylish ✨ It smells nice ♡ * *
Posted by @mari.s.home (from Instagram) * * *

Just soak it and all the dirt will come off

Before|Washing shoes was a hassle every week...

I also tried the leave-on laundry detergent that I learned about on ig ♡ First of all, the package is cute ♫ When I opened it, it had a nice citrus scent ♡ ・ Just soak it in and it will remove dirt. It's said that a lot of it will fall! The moment you put it in 40℃ hot water, the water turns black. Just leave it for about an hour, rinse it off, scrub it with a brush, and let it dry! !

After|Easily restore whiteness just by leaving it on

It turned white easily✨ Yes, this product lives up to its reputation! ! ! I'm glad that washing my shoes every week has become easier ♫♫ ・ ・ It's effective on a variety of stains, and it's also effective on stains in the washing tank if you just add it to your daily laundry ♡ * *
Posted by @mario_k_gram (from Instagram) * * *

You can do other tasks while the product is soaking, which saves time.

Before|My shoes were so dirty that it made me sigh...

2020.3.17tuesday ・ As soon as the children play outside, their clothes get dirty. Massage them and then put them in the washing machine. This process is a pain. I'm sure there are people who feel the same way ~ Eh!?️ No need for massaging!? ️ ・ @rinennanewyork's diary I tried the main laundry detergent. - Dirty children's slippers. Leave it on for 30 minutes, then brush it with the remaining hot water.

After|No need for troublesome massaging! Leave it on for 30 minutes for a beautiful look

It took my breath away to see how clean my dirty shoes were ✨ ・ ✔️ Soak the clothes you want to remove dirt from ✔️ Do other tasks while soaking them ✔️ Put the cleaning solution into the washing machine ✔️ Clean the washing tub too ✔️ The packaging is stylish too ・It seems to be used as a baby gift or housewarming gift * *
Posted by @and_a_plus (from Instagram) * * * Even if your shoes are black and dirty, wash them with Rinenna to keep them clean.

I look forward to doing laundry on my day off.

Before|My shoes are mysteriously dirty...

The shoes the Twins brought home before the school was closed (before the coronavirus closure). Why are they so dirty compared to when they were in kindergarten? I come home so dirty every time ( ̄▽ ̄;)!! It's a detergent that comes in a cute container from @rinennanewyork, and it cleans just by leaving it on♡ . The package is cute, so you can even leave it out ◎ Using this, put the shoes and detergent in 40 degrees hot water and leave it for about 30 minutes.

After|Enjoyable and movingly pure white

After that, when I washed off the detergent, I just rubbed it lightly and that's how much dirt was removed! Pure white ♡ Impressive ♡ And easy ♡ . I'm going to wash a lot of things during this holiday ♡ * *
Posted by @tomooo.25 (from Instagram) * * *

Stress-free washing of stubborn dirt that has accumulated

Before|My shoes turned completely black...

The package is ~( ´,,•ω•,,`)♡ So cute✨ First of all, it's a 3-day holiday... Things that need to be washed! ! ! Shoes ( •᷄⌓•᷅ )੨੨ My youngest's shoes I don't wash them every week because I think, "Oh, I forgot..." They're all black ( ̄∀ ̄) . And for some reason, at my elementary school, there is a distinction between slippers and gym shoes. I've been wearing these gym shoes all the time because they're not made of white vinyl, so they get dirty...ฅ(ー̀กー́ )My little boy Is the size of the foot the same (*u_u), and it has been worn for 2 years, and it is also black and it is black (〃 ノ ω ノ) So Before&After!

After|Remove dirt well without scrubbing

Lather it with 40 degree water and leave it on for 30 minutes (the instructions say it will come off if you leave it on longer...) I overlooked it ( ̄∀ ̄) But I didn't scrub it ♫ This So instead of complaining every week, I can say, “Please leave it on♫” (lol) * *
Posted by @eri_0417_ (from Instagram) * * *

Not only does it look cute! Savior's laundry detergent

Before|The devil's slippers that come to my house every weekend

* * It seems like I'm on school lunch duty this month, and I have to iron my school uniform for another month ← I hate ironing. LOL Washing your slippers is just as troublesome as ironing them! * The devil's slippers that I bring home every Friday. Why did my slippers turn so black in just one week? It's a mystery to me. * With Utamaro soap + brush My wrists feel like they're going to peel off, and even after I wash them, I've never tried them turning white. Then a savior appeared to me! * *
@rinennanewyork 's main laundry detergent Rinenna☺︎︎︎︎

Progress on the way | More and more dirty water...

(*Includes dirty photos.)

After|Children will be amazed at the whiteness of the indoor shoes that you can leave on without washing.

** * It's not just a detergent that looks like it! ( °_° ) * * This is the level where washing your shoes is no longer a pain. * * Stains such as spilled food All you have to do is to ``remove'' things like vaginal discharge, blood, and baby poop stains from your pants. I can't believe it's so much easier just by not having to massage it. Of course, it can also be used for everyday washing, so the proteolytic enzymes included will also clean the dirt behind the washing tub. This is a detergent that kills two birds with one stone because it can also clean the washing tub at the same time. * * * When my daughter saw her white shoes, she said, "Wow!" and my mother was satisfied. lol * * *.
(Posted by @_moomoo.ushiko_s on Instagram)     

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