【Rinenna Baby】安心して始められる布おむつ育児

[Rinenna Baby] You can start childcare with cloth diapers with peace of mind

Hello, I'm Rinenna.
Rinenna's cloth diaper brand " Rinenna Baby " sells cloth diapers that are comfortable for babies and easy to handle for mothers, available in one size from newborn to diaper diapers.
This time, we would like to introduce the feedback we received from @ren.babyfood.diary and @___hachinoji.com___ who used our cloth diaper starter set.

Advantages of using both cloth diapers and disposable diapers

Starter set that eliminates the hassle of laundry

Cloth diapers seem difficult to wash and give the impression of being a hassle.In fact, I tried it with my eldest daughter, but gave up! This set has solved that hassle ✨ This starter set includes * Cloth diaper cover * Cloth diaper * Omniutti * Rinenna detergent ☺︎ Just add water and detergent to Omniutti and you are done using it. Just put cloth diapers in. It's a detergent that is specially designed for soaking, so there's no need to scrub it ✨ Do you all use cloth napkins? ? I've been using cloth napkins for a few years now, but washing my hands is still a pain.This detergent is also effective against blood, so I just have to keep the cloth napkins soaked in.My mother uses cloth napkins for health reasons. I use disposable diapers...← I would like to take this opportunity to use cloth diapers during the day and disposable diapers when sleeping or going out✨

Cloth diapers have many benefits!

Other! Good things about cloth diapers ☺︎ Even if you run out of paper diapers in an emergency, you can take care of them without panic. Diapers come off smoothly and quickly → Compared to paper diapers, diapers come off about a year faster! It's actually economical → The total cost is cheaper than disposable diapers, and it can be used repeatedly for the second and third child. It's good for the baby's body → This surprised me...I hadn't even thought about it. A disposable diaper that absorbs urine weighs about 500g.
Do you have a starter set and size?It puts a lot of strain on the waist of a baby weighing only a few kilograms.Is there a starter set and size? →This is amazing. It has a lot of buttons and can be used from newborns onwards! Looks like it's going to leak... →The gathers are tight so it won't leak from the sides✨ The box the set comes in is also very stylish.You can choose the color of the omniutti and of course the color of the diaper cover, so it's also recommended as a baby gift @ren.babyfood.diary Post (from Instagram)

Cloth diapers that can be started at the baby’s and mom’s pace

Debut a safe cloth diaper with the included soaking detergent and bucket

I'm not used to careful childcare ← Cloth diapers are definitely a hassle...I felt like I couldn't wash them every time, but this one comes with a detergent that is specially designed for use with diapers! I thought this detergent might be something you often see on Instagram, so I decided to try it out.
←Simple: When it gets dirty, just add lukewarm water, detergent, and a cloth diaper to Omniutti.
Very convenient to clean without scrubbing or washing.
I've been using Omniutti as a trash can for diapers in my bedroom since Kanta, and it's really great because it doesn't leak odors.
But it looks◎✨

It's a thick and sturdy cloth diaper, so you don't have to worry about leaks.

The diapers are thick and sturdy, and I haven't had any leaks yet, but they do need to be changed more frequently than disposable diapers! ← Change your paper diapers frequently too. They say that cloth diapers come off quickly.
I'm thinking of using it in conjunction with disposable diapers as long as it's within reason (← for me lol) Posted by @___hachinoji.com___ (from Instagram)

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A detergent that comes off easily just by soaking it in.

Rinenna Baby

A cloth diaper brand born with the aim of creating a cloth diaper lifestyle that is kind to babies and mothers.
One size from newborn to out of diapers.
Cloth diapers are comfortable for babies and easy for mothers to handle.

Rinenna Earth

``Make an unpleasant time as pleasant as possible. ” A cloth napkin brand was born with that feeling in mind.
Something that allows you to take a breather on a difficult day.
Even if it's a blue day, I hope you can wear comfortable materials and feel a little more comfortable.


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