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Free yourself from daily scrubbing!

Before|Stains that could not be removed no matter how many times I washed...

Posted by @alinu.hhk

No scrubbing required. Main laundry detergent for soaking. ☑︎Rinenna Also came to my house. Massaging...I was pretty interested in this detergent as I do it almost every day at home. This is because: ➹Baby poop and pee ➹Blood ➹Milk stains and food spills ➹Color stains, sweat stains, etc. All of these apply to our family of 4 children! ︎!! ︎ And baby-friendly detergent While I was soaking it in the bathroom, I first washed my white T-shirt normally. My house has a vertical washing machine, so I poured Rinenna into the washing tub and washed it. For the drum type, Rinenna is placed in the washing machine's loading slot.

After|Even clothes that needed to be massaged can be washed by simply soaking them.

Just by adding detergent and washing, stains from spilled chocolate and other food were removed! ︎ I can't imagine not having to rub and wash spilled food... I left it on my youngest child's mat cover in the bathroom. It was really dirty. No matter how many times I washed it, there were some stains that couldn't be removed... so I left it on. I could just leave it to the washing machine and it would come off~ Even if laundry requires massaging, just leave it in the washing machine and it will remove the source of the dirt...Furthermore, by using it repeatedly in the washing machine, it will also have a cleaning effect on the washing tub. ✨ The scent and packaging are nice, and since it doesn't scrub your clothes, there's no damage to them. It's a detergent that makes me want to continue washing with Rinenna from now on ☺️ * * Posted by @alinu.hhk ( From Instagram) * * *

Sweaty clothes come back to pure white!

Before|Sweat stains on clothes that I forgot to take out for cleaning...

Posted by @wood_one_home

No scrubbing required A detergent that specializes in stains from people.Blood, sweat, children's stains.I found clothes with sweat stains on them from clothes I had been sleeping on.Being embarrassed, I tried using clothes with sweat stains! !!

After | Home cleaning at low cost

As a result, it really came back to pure white!! . . . I felt like I had sweat stains and it was a little embarrassing to take it to the cleaners. I'm so happy that I was able to solve the clothes that I had forgotten to take out in no time. . It's a little expensive. However, I feel it's cheaper than removing stains through cleaning. * * Posted by @wood_one_home (from Instagram) * * *

The usual white has become one tone brighter.

Before|Even if it doesn't look dirty, it's actually...

Posted by @haru__kurashi

[Stylish detergent that doesn't require massaging] It's the last day of March, but I've been trying out @rinennanewyork's laundry detergent for the past month.The package is so stylish, and the moment I opened it when it arrived, I felt so cute. The fragrance has increased and it smells really nice.

After|Yellowing becomes brighter and more beautiful!

I tried soaking it several times and using it for regular laundry, but it took the odor out of my clothes and gave it a refreshing scent.Also, leaving it to soak removed the yellowing especially well! I'm sorry that the photo is difficult to understand, but when I put a white hat on it, it suddenly became brighter✨ When I tried to clean it, I realized that it was dirtier than I expected.In addition, when I put a towel that I usually use on it, I noticed that it was dirtier than I expected. The color of the water became cloudy, and even though it didn't look dirty, I realized that there was more dirt left than I expected. This item is a little pricey, but I thought it would be nice to save the trouble of washing it, and I thought it would be nice to give it as a gift.It would be nice to receive something a little nicer for everyday use. * Posted by @haru__kurashi (from Instagram) * * *

You'll be surprised at how quickly the dirt comes off just by leaving it on!

Before|Items I’ve been curious about for a long time but couldn’t wash easily

Posted by @__a.rry__

Stylish laundry detergent "Rinenna". It's not just stylish! ︎ . No need to massage, just leave it on to remove stubborn stains!! ︎ . I put on my child's school hat and lace curtains that I've been curious about for a long time!! ︎

After|So much dirt was removed that the soaking water became cloudy!

This is amazing!! ︎Seriously!! ︎ Just soaking it in the water creates sewage. As expected, the ballpoint pen graffiti on the hat did not come off. I was surprised at the stains on the curtains. ``Rinenna'' can be used on baby clothes ☆ Non-silicone so safe and secure ☆ Fluorescent agent I don't use it and it doesn't easily fade. I'm thankful that I can use it with confidence since my baby boy is born ❤️❤️ * * Posted by @__a.rry__ (from Instagram) * * *

Freed from massaging and stress-free

We received feedback about Rinenna from KM, who uses Rinenna#1.

I bought it in bulk as a baby gift or thank-you gift because it cleans baby's poop and children's nosebleeds without scrubbing.
The friends I sent it to will also be very grateful if they repeat it.
It may seem expensive at first glance, considering it's a detergent, but I think it's cheap if you think of it as a way to relieve the stress of massaging your newborn due to frequent poop leaks.
I didn't know this when I had my first child (now 2 years old), so the moment my baby leaked poop, I had to think about finding time to rub it in between childcare, which caused mental stress and damage.
Also, when I bought clothes, I chose dark colors because I thought the clothes would not get dirty.
Even when my second child (currently 6 months old) leaks poop, I am able to change my mind and just put it on linen, which is stress-free, and the best part is that I am now able to buy pure white clothes that I think are cute. That's what happened.
I think it's a shame that there are mothers who don't know yet, so I'm rooting for their future development (^^) (Mr. MK)

Rinenna#1 was developed as a detergent for babies.

baby detergent
Rinenna is a detergent that was developed to eliminate the need for massaging cloth diapers in response to complaints that massaging cloth diapers was difficult.
This detergent can be safely used on baby clothes, including cloth diapers.
All ingredients are biodegradable, making this laundry detergent environmentally friendly.

The stains I had given up on came back to life just by applying it!

We received feedback about Rinenna from Akiko Ono, who uses Rinenna #1.

My husband's white shirt (stains on the collar) My white pants (stains from walking on the hem) A white cardigan that I washed last year (if I look closely, there are many yellow stains) A white shirt that I washed last year (soy sauce) (like stains on my armpits and sweat stains on my armpits) Kitchen dishwashing (coffee stains) I applied these overnight with 40℃ hot water and Rinenna #1! I was surprised to find that the water I was using had turned brown.
The laundry was completely white and looked like new, and the stains were removed cleanly.
Any dirt will come off! ! And without even scrubbing! ! Stained cardigans that I would normally have given up on and thrown away have come back to life✨ This is really amazing! ! Laundry has become fun! ! I would like to recommend it to everyone! From Akiko Ono

Rinenna wipes off all the dirt from the past

Thank you for your kind words.
I'm so happy that laundry can be fun.
It's almost time to change your clothes.
Have you ever washed your clothes, but they still look yellow? It will completely remove any yellowing from the past.
If the stain does not come off, the amount of detergent is not enough for the stain, so if you want to remove old stains, try adding more Rinenna.

Remove dirt from stuffed animals

Before|Just dissolve the detergent in 40℃ hot water and leave it for 30 to 60 minutes.

Posted by @kantakuma1122
I tried @rinennanewyork's wonderful laundry detergent. No need to scrub, just leave it on to remove dirt ✨
I tried washing the stuffed animal!! ️ I was surprised at how dirty the water was after soaking it.

After washing, it feels fluffy and has a nice mandarin citrus scent.

After I finished washing it, it became fluffy and smelled nice. I highly recommend it. About how to use Kenta-kun's accessory drying rack ⚠️ When I checked later, it seems that the accessory drying rack must be within 20 cm.
Looking at the 9th image, it looks like it's over 20cm long.I was able to use it without any problems this time, but please be careful. Posted by @kantakuma1122

I tried washing a regularly washed stuffed animal with Rinenna detergent.

Before|I put a stuffed animal that I thought was ivory in color and washed it...

Posted by @ryuryu_home A stuffed animal that my younger child loves.
My favorite stuffed animals that I bought in Nagano are Mof-chan the ermine and Rai-chan the grouse.These two are with me every day.
I bought Moff-chan when she went skiing in Hakuba when she was a baby. That is 4 years old.
Rai-chan was bought by Grandma and Grandpa at Tateshina this summer. In other words, 0 years old.
I also washed Moff-chan regularly, but since Lai-chan was new, I always thought she was made of ivory.

After|Shock! Just leave it on for a snowy white look.

It was as white as snow. Or rather, it looked like water stains. By the way, I only left it on for 60 minutes.
I was told that there was no need to massage it, so I just left it alone.
It dissolved without even mixing the agent.After soaking, you can put the water directly into the washing machine and it will be clean even in the washing machine✨
This result shocked not only me but also the owner's son.
I went to wash my hands to make sure Moff-chan didn't get dirty. This soaking detergent is from @rinennanewyork. ✨
For more information, please click the link on @rinennanewyork's page.
Posted by @ryuryu_home

Just leave it on for an impressive finish! It seems like all the trouble I've had with laundry so far is a lie...

Before|Washing your child’s favorite stuffed animal

Posted by @arch.to.meet
Try @rinennanewyork laundry detergent. Rinenna laundry detergent was born out of the desire to eliminate all the futile work of massaging clothes.
To test it out, I attached my child's favorite dirty white tiger stuffed animal.

After|Just apply it and leave it fluffy and the color will return to its original color!

When you apply detergent and pour in warm water, it quickly becomes cloudy and you'll be surprised!
Just leave it on, and the stuffed animal will be fluffy and white again.
This is amazing! I'm impressed! The dirt on the collar of the cutter shirt that I happened to borrow on the same day was also completely cleaned.
What kind of hardships have you faced so far? I recommend it to everyone. From now on, I'm going to get excited every time I see my dirty clothes ♪ Posted by @arch.to.meet

If you don't have a chance to wash your stuffed animals often, why not keep them clean by using Rinenna's laundry detergent?

"The Yellowed Pillow Cover"

Before|Pillow cover for a growing boy

yellowed pillow cover
Adolescence is the age when you can sleep soundly! (I'm jealous!)
Since you spend one-third of your day on your pillow, it's surprisingly easy for pillowcases to accumulate dirt. It is also one of the most difficult stains to remove.

After|Goodbye, yellowing! A surprising amount of white!

pillow cover
It's already this cluttered feeling. The weather is about to get hot and you'll be sweating a lot, so please try washing your bedding with Rinenna.

“It happens: Spilled food on children’s clothes”

Before|Children's clothes with various stains

That's true, isn't it? I'm just wondering how I could get it so dirty. Children's clothes that you don't even feel like washing. And every day. But with Rinenna, it's easy. Just leave it on.
Dirt will gradually come to the surface.

Both photos have not been edited in any way.
This is what they say, seeing is believing. I am very happy that you were able to experience the feeling of falling completely.
In fact, it's quite difficult...the time it takes to massage and treat the area.The time it takes to massage the skin, which we usually don't pay attention to, is actually over 2,000 hours.
(There are many different types of families, but for example, I calculated this assuming that you get married at age 30, have a child, and do laundry until age 80.)
10 minutes a day x 22 days x 12 months x 50 years = approximately 2111 hours... If you were to massage your skin for 24 hours without sleeping (although this is not a reality), you would have spent about 88 days just massaging your skin.
At Rinenna, we want to eliminate the wasteful work of massaging and washing.We want you to get rid of this wasteful work and turn it into your own time.Basically, we recommend soaking, then leaving, then washing with the washing machine. This is a laundry detergent developed with the idea that you can wash your clothes in a convenient way.
Especially in families with small children, you don't have to rub your baby's poop (especially when they have diarrhea), which can prevent infections. Please feel free to fall.

Rinenna #1 removes dirt easily without massaging.

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A post shared by ayaka (@ayaka10__ig)

Review of Rinenna#1 from ayaka10__ig

I would like to take this opportunity to repent✞ I pretended not to see the yellowing stains on the towel...
Ever since I started living alone, my sloppiness has been exposed one after another.
Rinenna (@rinennanewyork)'s ``main laundry detergent Rinenna # 1'' removes dirt easily without having to massage it, so I'm really happy because I love easy housework. (Moreover, it has a cleaning and antibacterial effect on the washing tank.)
It's hard to tell in the photo, but it removed foundation stains from the mask and yellow stains from the towel. Also, it cleans up the dirt on the trivet that I had left unattended!
I forgot to take a photo, but the sauce stains I dropped on my pajamas are no longer visible.I like the scent, so I wash them without gel beads. I think I'll pack commuting shoes and hiking shoes for my next day off.
It removes blood and poop stains, and the packaging is cute, so I'm thinking of giving it to my colleague at work as a gift when she gives birth ☺︎

Laundry Before|After is here!

The dirt that was visible on the towel and the cosmetic stains on the mask are now clean and clean! Please continue to use it to wash your commuting shoes and other items!

Great for removing stubborn stains such as children's drool stains!

Before|Yellowing that could not be removed even after washing...

Posted by @mhh1129 I tried using the Rinenna soaking detergent, which I was curious about after seeing it become a hot topic on Instagram.In my case, the biggest problem I had was stains on the necks of my children's clothes. ⁎ The cause is drooling and vomiting.
For some reason, it keeps turning yellow even after I wash it. ⁎ And the dirt is quite stubborn.
⁎Whether I keep the baby clothes as a memento, or sell or give them away, I'm grateful because I thought it would be a little bad if they were yellowed.Also, it's not ideal that just by leaving them, all the dirt will come off. So I just left it alone and tried it. lol

After|Just leave it on and leave it covered with dirt!

If you look at the after photo, you can see that the dirt came off beautifully.
This is the detergent I wish I had found when my child was younger and leaked water. ←
Well, my kids still tend to spill food, so I think this laundry will come in very handy.
Posted by @mhh1129

Removes hard-to-remove stains without scrubbing

Before|Stains that appeared before I noticed...

Posted by @yuapimom From @rinennanewyork I tried out the detergent ✡︎ Actually, I heard about this on Instagram and was secretly curious about it. I'm so happy ♩ First of all, the packaging is stylish! Isn't it too cute?
Linenna is a revolutionary detergent that seems to be highly effective at removing hard-to-remove protein stains from the body, and can remove milk stains, baby poop, blood, etc. without scrubbing.
I wish it existed 10 years ago, yeah. As expected, there's no one left to leak anymore.

After|Easy to use! I look forward to doing laundry

How to use it is the same as using Oxy. Just soak it in hot water and then wash normally. Like Oxy, your hands will get slimy and sticky, so I think it's better to wear rubber gloves.
I want to start making bedding soon! I'll post a report when it gets a little warmer ☻
Posted by @yuapimom

Effective for food spills that cannot be removed by hand washing

Before|Clothes that your child soiled while eating...

Posted by @sn00py0501 Detergent kindly provided by @rinennanewyork ✨ Stylish and smells good

After|After soaking, wash as usual to remove stains!

I also soaked the clothes that the kids had gotten a lot dirty, and the stains came off when I washed them (I soaked the meat sauce stains that didn't come off when I washed them by hand)
It is available at all Tokyu Hands stores, so if you are interested, please come by ✨✨✨
Posted by @yuapimom

No scrubbing or washing board required

Before|Pillows that are concerned about yellowing

Posted by @srms_house I recently came across an excellent detergent, so I would like to introduce it to you♡ This is truly amazing! ! Simply dissolve the soft textured powder in hot water and apply it to items you are concerned about getting dirty.
That's all.
No scrubbing or washboard required.
When I tried to use the pillow I used when my son was a baby on my cousin's baby, the center was a little yellowed, so I decided to use it right away!

After|Clean and refreshing white with no rubbing

(It may be hard to tell from the photo, but) The yellowing is gone and it's pure white! Even blood stains that have been around for a long time, stains that have accumulated that couldn't be removed by regular washing, and stains that would otherwise be impossible to remove, can be completely whitened just by soaking them without any scrubbing. Things became clean one after another ♡ Even the dirt that wasn't cleaned with OxiClean came off cleanly and cleanly! And even if you wash it with your bare hands, it won't get rough, and since you don't rub it, it won't damage the fabric.
What's more, when you use this product during regular laundry, the protein-degrading enzyme it contains will clean the back of the washing tub as well.
Above all, this cute package will make you feel good just by leaving it in your laundry space ♡ If you have a baby, you won't have to rub the poop stains and it will be clean and clean, so please do ~ Posted by @srms_house

Easy to wash pillow covers that you want to keep clean

Before|Yellowing of the pillow cover that you are concerned about

Posted by @__.home317 I was curious about the yellowing of my husband's pillowcase....

After|Just put it in the washing machine with the water you left it in.

It's a little hard to tell in the photo, but it turned out beautifully. ᕀ After soaking, I put the soaking water into the washing machine ↑ It's so easy ✨ You can also clean the washing tub at the same time ↑ I love killing two birds with one stone ✨ ᕀ The scent is nice and the package is cute♡ ↑ Also makes a great gift◎

So clean that you can't tell where the dirt was

Before|Cushion cover dull with dirt

Posted by @yu_nhome ☑︎White clothes with mysterious stains on them (my...lol) ☑︎Cushion cover ☑︎Cat with stains that can't be removed no matter what I try I put these 3 items on!

After|The dirt has been thoroughly removed and the tone has become brighter.

Do I have to massage it? ! I was skeptical when I used it, but as you can see in the photo, the results were clean, except for the cats. I couldn't even tell where the stains were on my clothes.
The overall tone of the cushion cover has become brighter.
It looks like it was dirty because the kids touched it with stickiness...LOL No matter what I did, I couldn't get the stains on my kitty, so I left it for a few months, so maybe it wasn't good...LOL Next time I wash it, I'll wash it a little longer. I'll leave it on and massage it in.
It's made with ingredients that are safe for babies, and it's super cute from the moment you open the box, making it the perfect gift! I would be happy if I received this ♡ It looks stylish even if I leave it out, and I feel like I want to use it ◎ Personally, I really like the scent (*´꒳`*)

No need to scrub milk stains or spilled food stains!

Before|Even though I scrub with soap every time...

Posted by @__yoko.rty #Before and after
Take a look✨ Get ready for your trip now! I've started working in earnest. Now that I've prepared everything like this, Miko-san, will I have enough clothes? If I can't wash my clothes, I won't go through my clothes for five days.
In the end, the clothes I bought at BASE didn't arrive even after 2 weeks, and I don't have any new clothes for Guam! ! Sorry Miko! LOL I want to buy Aloha! So I reset Miko's precious clothes beautifully! and.
I soaked it in @rinennanewyork's detergent! I wash it every day after scrubbing it with Utamaro soap, but from the heavy rotation, a lot of milk stains have accumulated before.

After|Just put it on and the stains are gone!

Check it out✨After! Of course, it's hard to process, but how to do it: 1) Soak it in 40 degree water with such passion that it boils 2) Then wash it And that's it! It was so beautiful without rubbing. Recommended! The packaging is cute too♡ Posted by @__yoko.rty

Food spills that couldn't be removed with regular washing

Posted by @maihome984

After|Just put it on and the stains are gone!

I used @rinennanewyork's detergent ☺️ This cute girl on the package is also very good inside ❤️
You can remove a lot of dirt just by leaving it on without rubbing it ❤️

My daughter's poop and spilled food came off perfectly. I refrained from taking poop photos lol.

My sons' school uniforms are now completely white.

A strong ally for busy moms ✊ Posted by @maihome984

No need to worry about poop stains leaking from diapers!

Just leave it on, reducing the time it takes for busy moms to do laundry.

Posted by @mmongram

I tried using #Rinenna for the first time! (@rinennanewyork)
Linenna is a soaking powder detergent that focuses on protein stains such as ✔ Baby poop and urine ✔ Blood and discharge ✔ Milk stains and food spills ✔ Collar stains and sweat stains
After using it, I noticed that it is a moist powder, has a nice citrus smell, can be used in hot water of 40℃, and dissolves easily.

The refreshing smell makes doing laundry fun ♩
Best of all, it's great that it's effective in hot water of 40℃, and it dissolves easily, so it's easy to handle.
OxiClean, a typical soak-washing product, recommends hot water of 50°C to 60°C, and the detergent doesn't dissolve easily, so I've been using it with great enthusiasm until now.
The linenner focused on stains that you want to remove as quickly as possible.You can easily wash them with this linen.

Soccer uniforms look great too!

Before|Stubborn stains such as sebum stains and mud stains are difficult to remove

Posted by @korenankore72

After|Just leave it on! No stress and lots of dirt!

My son plays soccer, and every time he practices he comes home with a messed-up shirt (lol). When I was worried about this stain, I talked to him about it, and he was surprised at how well the stain came off! ︎ Just dissolve 1 tablespoon of the included spoon in 2L of 40℃ hot water and soak.
I just left it for 30 minutes, but I put the solution in the washing machine and washed it in the dirty brown water, which gave me the feeling that dirt was coming out from deep inside the fibers. I wasn't satisfied with the amount of removal, but I was surprised at how well it came off even though I didn't scrub it! I also shared it with a mom who plays on the same soccer team (lol). She said she was impressed.

The dirt that had accumulated in the creases of the hem of the gi was completely white!

Posted by @ak___ig

@rinennanewyork's laundry detergent has become a hot topic because it removes a lot of dirt just by putting it on. I've been having trouble with stains on the creases of my karate gi (I'd be happy if someone knows). I tried using it right away, and it was fine. The dirt that was so hard to remove has become so thin! ! I gave up halfway and left it alone for over half a year, so I couldn't believe I was able to get it this far just by putting it on, and what's more, the gi itself is turning white! In addition, all the food spills on my child's clothes disappeared ˚✧₊ It's stress-free to just leave it on! A thankful world

Posted by @ak___ig

Try wearing black and dirty gym clothes! Will the dirt come off just by soaking it in? ?

Posted by @mkhome2018

Stubborn stains that I usually wash with soap and scrub. I just soaked them in hot water without scrubbing!

I tried the popular detergent.
First of all, the packaging is super cute ✨ The design looks like it could be used as an interior decoration.
The dirt came off well♪

Posted by @mkhome2018


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