We have compiled reviews and before and afters of washing kitchen utensils with Rinenna.

Hello, this is laundry detergent Rinenna.
Even things like this around the kitchen! We would like to introduce the testimonials of people who washed their clothes with Rinenna!

No joke, it really removes dirt

Before|Medium that was left unattended and could no longer be cleaned

This time, I would like to introduce a detergent made by @rinennanewyork, which has been a huge hit for me in a long time ♡ You don't even need to rub it in and wash it ♡ You'll be really surprised at how much dirt it can remove! ️ Seriously, no kidding...When I have children, I sometimes feel like it's a waste to even spend time scrubbing, so this is really helpful ✨
This time we will introduce the before and after of the pillowcase and pot pad.
LOL To be honest, I didn't mean for the pillowcase to get embarrassingly dirty...
I wash this pillowcase once or twice a week...I left the trivet for too long and no matter what I did, I couldn't get the stains out.

After|The stains that couldn't be removed no matter what I tried were removed and it became pure white.

I think it's better to see it than to explain it in words. It's not cloudy with detergent, it's the color of dirt... And as for the photo of the hotpot, I haven't done any color editing or anything! ️ Not only did the stain come off, but it became completely white.
Just dissolve a cup of this detergent in the included spoon in 40℃ hot water, soak it, and put it in the washing machine♡ It also smells very nice.It's a detergent that is good at removing protein stains from the body, so it's especially good for homes with children. many
Recommended for milk stains, food spills, poop stains, sweat stains, and blood stains ♡ Honestly, it's a little pricey, but you can use it only when you really need it, or use it as a general cleaning to remove dirt from clothes and bedding. I think it's really refreshing! ️
For me, the cost performance is good! ️ * *
Posted by @mogu.shan (from Instagram) * * *

Washing becomes fun and you don't have to worry about getting dirty.

Before|Filter that remains clean even after rubbing

Recently, I came across a new detergent, and I'm working hard on it every day @rinennanewyork ✨ Detergent power that you can't go wrong with even if you buy a package I slacked off last year Washing the curtains with the curtains on... *sorry for making your eyes dirty.
I also tried cleaning the ventilation fan filter.

After|After washing, the whiteness is impressive

Even though I kept the filter on because I couldn't get the dirt off even after scrubbing... Impressive whiteness ✨ It's so much fun that I wash every item in the house ♪ #Hometime I want to eat yakiniku and okonomiyaki... , And with #rinenna, you can rest assured♡ *No fluorescent agents *Biodegradable and environmentally friendly *Can be used for baby's clothes The photo shows 1.0kg (approximately 50 times) Let's wash the sofa cover tomorrow♪ * *
Posted by @ho_mi_na (from Instagram) * * *

A cute laundry detergent that looks like an interior goods, and how effective it is! ?

Before|Wash the water bottle cover that was stained with tea

. . Try this laundry detergent with a really cute package ♡♡♡ . . As soon as you open the package, you can smell the refreshing citrus scent...!
Not only the design of the box, but also interior goods? Such a stylish detergent ♡ Even the inside of the box is cute...! . But it's a detergent. What is important is the effect!
just? My second son dyed his water bottle cover brown, so I immediately put it on.

After|No scrubbing at all! The cover that was dyed light brown has been toned up to pure white!

Just leave it on with hot water at 40 degrees Celsius without rinsing! After rinsing thoroughly and drying in the sun...surprise! It came off really well and even the light brown stained cover became bright white ♡ . What's more, this detergent seems to focus on hard-to-remove urinary stains and blood stains. U●chi dirt was removed well just by applying it! (I can't put it in the picture, but...) . It wasn't just a cute detergent...! ← Excuse me . . The pattern on the box is so cute, I wonder if you could turn it into a postcard ♡
( Posted by ino3_gram on Instagram )

Safe and secure detergent that is kind to your skin and the environment

Before|I want to easily remove dirt without much effort

I choose detergents that are environmentally friendly and safe.When I go to the drug store, I see a variety of detergents.・They are gentle on hands, remove dirt, contain natural ingredients, have cute packaging, etc.・Nowadays, there are also detergents that are good for the environment. There are a lot of them out there, but this time I found a detergent that is #stylish and removes dirt #good for babies #safe and secure - If it doesn't remove too much dirt, you have to soak it and then rub it in. It takes a lot of time, but - I try to keep it as simple as possible. That's why I found a detergent that removes the dirt perfectly without having to take that much effort. ・ That's @rinennanewyork's Rinenna @rinennanewyork ・ #Goodbye to washing #You can remove dirt just by soaking!!

After|The dirt came off the easiest way ever!

This was the easiest bleaching experience I've ever had! I just washed the kitchen mat in the washing machine. - Not only is it gentle on the skin, but it's also #environmentally friendly. Rinenna's ingredients are all made from biodegradable ingredients. - A detergent with such a stylish and cute package is so effective. I was surprised * *
Posted by @izumi.hakamata (from Instagram) * * *

No need to rub it, just leave it on before washing and it will remove dirt!

Before|I tried it with some skepticism...

This detergent, wow! A great product that does not require scrubbing and removes dirt just by soaking it in before washing! I was skeptical (←Click here) so I tried it right away. The moment you open it, the refreshing citrus scent will get you excited. Actually, even before I opened it, I was already excited by the stylish packaging. Add an appropriate amount to 40℃ hot water and dissolve thoroughly ↓ Soak the stained tea towel for 30 minutes (pic2) ↓ Place the soaked tea towel in the washing machine and wash.

After|Save time and remove stains without worrying about damaging fabrics

If you look at the before and after (pic 3.4), you can see that it fell off well ✨ Amazing! ! ! Not having to knead the fabric saves time, and best of all, you don't have to worry about damaging the fabric.
* * Posted by @koko_ie (from Instagram) * * *

A housewife's ally! No need for troublesome scrubbing

Before|Stubborn stains on your favorite linen cloth...

Just leave it on and you'll feel refreshed. Even the stubborn stains on my favorite linen cloth came off beautifully✧‧˚

After|Just leave it on to remove dirt.

No need for troublesome scrubbing! Just leave it in the washing machine and put it in the washing machine and you'll be surprised at how much dirt it removes... It's a great product that will clean even food spills, stains, blood, and even baby stool stains just by leaving it in the washing machine. .*・゚ “Make everyday unpleasant tasks more comfortable” I want to turn scrubbing time into a time to take a breather. This is the laundry detergent that was born from such an idea.Package No Design Mosky, a housewife's ally! I want to use it on mud stains next time ✊.*・゚ ​​* *
Posted by @kurasukoto_ (from Instagram) * * *

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