Rinenna Babyのはじまりについて

About the beginning of Rinenna Baby

Today, I would like to talk about how I started the cloth diaper brand [Rinenna Baby].

Until I gave birth to my first child, I followed what is commonly called a "balanced career" route.
Before getting married, you have no idea what your life will be like after marriage.
During my maternity and childcare leave after giving birth to my first son, I was able to raise my child completely on my own.
I was spending my days without finding the right answer regarding my future career while raising a child.
On March 11, 2011, while I was in the middle of a one-off childcare operation, the earthquake occurred.
As many of you may remember, there was a period after the earthquake when products such as disposable diapers disappeared from supermarkets and baby product departments.
I was worried about raising my child alone, and I couldn't even go out, so I was really trying to find a way to live my life after the earthquake.
Still, babies naturally poop and urinate every day, and they're not old enough to relieve themselves in the toilet.
In order to somehow create a comfortable environment for my baby, I reached for cloth diapers.
At the time, I had the impression that "cloth diapers" were something used by people who were naturally inclined or who had a certain philosophy when it came to raising children, and I thought that it was something that was incompatible with my ultra-rationalist personality. I was there.
However... it was good.
The more I used them, the more the benefits of cloth diapers became clear to me.

The benefits of cloth diapers that I realized when I was faced with an unusual situation.

I think cloth diapers are most useful when extraordinary situations occur, such as disasters or people refraining from going out due to the current coronavirus pandemic.
In such cases, distribution may stop, panic buying may occur, or stores may close.
It can be difficult to obtain disposable diapers.
If you have cloth diapers at home, you can create a comfortable environment for your baby even if you don't have disposable diapers, as long as you have access to water.
Furthermore, in the case of disposable diapers, it is inevitable that they will be thrown away with dirt still on them, but in the event of a disaster, even garbage collection will not be possible.
Cloth diapers are also more hygienic, as dirt is washed away into the water.
During the recent earthquake, I tried using cloth diapers, which freed me from worrying about whether or not I would be able to get disposable diapers, and I was able to spend my time without having to stock up on disposable diapers.

If you don't have it, I'll make it!

However, that does not mean that the cloth diaper life was completely comfortable.
I had many complaints about the shape, size, and design of the cloth diapers that were available at the time.
``Which baby diaper size is S, M, or L for my child?'' ``When washing ring diapers, they get tangled and stop halfway! ``Why does it leak so much?'' etc.
At the same time, I had a vague feeling of ``I wonder if something could be done about this...'' and at the same time, I had an image of a senior colleague who came to the office for a meeting pushing a stroller back in the days when people were still on the hard-charging route.
At that time, I remembered that I had a feeling of hope, ``Even after having a child, I can still work in my own way.''
It was the moment when I was able to see my own way of life, even though I couldn't see a future due to my one-time child care.
``I'll do something about it!'' I decided to create a product that eliminates the dissatisfaction that I felt when using cloth diapers, makes it easier to use cloth diapers, and allows people to experience the benefits of cloth diapers.
That was the beginning of Rinenna Baby.
Next time, I would like to tell you more about what I was particular about when developing Rinenna Baby and why I want people to use cloth diapers.

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